Globalization in cultural anthropological impacts

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Cultural Anthropology/Globalization and Migration

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Cultural globalization

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Cultural globalization

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Industrialism: is affected by globalization because many cultural aspects are spread by industrialism, especially through technological means, which is one of the most efficient modes of communication and exchange.

Globalization, Anthropological Aspects of

This process has changed the structure of most developed societies and had greatly impacted the success of capitalism. What are the impacts of globalization of cultural heritage on Nigeria, religion, family, culture socialization (moonlight play give way to video game, cyberfraud, etc).

Cultural Impacts of Globalization: The economic and political impacts of globalization are discussed very vividly among the scholars. The cultural aspect of globalization is something which attained global attention recently. So I will be discussing about the cultural impact of globalization much broadly compared to the other three.

Jul 25,  · This video looks at how globalisation is changing culture. The anthropology of globalization has paid significant attention to the deterritorialization of culture, which has led to a more mobile and dynamic sense of cultural production. Anthropological scholarship on globalization is vast and varied.

In an anthropological sense, globalization is “ an intensification of global interconnectedness, suggesting a world full of movement and mixture, contact and linkages, and persistent cultural interaction and exchange” (Inda and Rosaldo 2).

Globalization in cultural anthropological impacts
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