Ogham writing alphabets

Old Italic alphabets

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Ogham - an Ancient Celtic Alphabet

The Arabic alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, Syriac alphabet, and other abjads of the Middle East are developments of the Aramaic alphabet, but because these writing systems are largely consonant-based they are often not considered true alphabets.

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Let’s get started! The Old Italic alphabets developed from the west Greek alphabet, which came to Italy via the Greek colonies on Sicily and along the west coast of Italy. The Etruscans adapted the Greek alphabet to write Etruscan sometime during the 6th century BC, or possibly earlier.

Most of the other alphabets.

The Ogham Alphabet

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Using the premise that languages and the alphabets that comprise them are metaphorical microcosms of our world. Ogham is the earliest form of writing in Ireland, it dates to around 4th century A.D. and was in use for around years.

The Ogham alphabet is made up of a series of strokes along or across a line. The Celtic alphabet known as Ogham was invented, according to the medieval Irish Book of Ballymote, by Ogma Sun-Face.

It comprises three sets of five consonants and one set of five vowels, a total of twenty letters.

Ogham writing alphabets
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